About us

Drafter.com is a company engaged in the field of design and integration of commercial transactional websites and database management for over 15 years.

Thanks to the expertise and creativity of our team we can help maximize business opportunities by modern design, increasing prospective customers and building loyalty with our management modules and interactivity.

Compafact.com is our new born in full swing. Professionally bill your customers, manage your expenses in a few clicks, print the tax reports so you need.

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Marathon FDM
Ida Rivard Artiste
Merits partnership

Latest events

Octobre 2018

Drafter.com launches the Compafact.com French and English online bookkeeping application.

May 2017

Drafter.com launches the new online bookkeeping application Compafact.com. Pre-registration is now available

April 2017

Drafter.com grants the mandate to manage, update and enhance the Habitations Duchesneau site in Granby.

March 2017

Launch of the new FCRDM Marathon website, registration are now open online.

April 2016

Opening of the new Drafter.com website (mobile)

March 2016

Launch of new website ATPA (mobile)